Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adventures in Progress

Hi friends,

I'm in Israel now. It's quite warm here.

I'm busy as a barnowl, settling into my class schedule and whatnot.

Yesterday I went to the Department of Faces* to get an appointment to extend my visa. The appointment will be almost a month after my current visa expires, of course, but everyone assures me that's not really a problem.

I'm in a Talmud class. Two days ago I was one with the text. Its secrets were mine to behold. Yesterday I couldn't make heads or tails of what we read. Today we had Torah instead of Talmud, and I learned that the serpent in the garden might have been naked instead of clever (or maybe A+E were clever instead of naked).

I have a lovely apartment with three roommates, one of whom we have yet to identify, and a beautiful, beautiful roof, with this view of Jerusalem, and the wind, and the oy gevalt! It's nice. But I don't have a bed yet, so I've been sleeping at my sister's.

I don't know who I am or anything at the moment, and I've had very little time to bum around on the internet, and I do miss you, and I feel that I owe you  more information than this, but, you know, barnowls. I'll be back when things settle down a little, and we can shmooze.

Shalom l'koolam!


* Misrad Ha'Pnim (The Department of Innards) sounds a whole lot like Misrad HaPanim, which would be Faces. I'm not the first to get confused, apparently.


  1. Yotam: Hope you're having a great time in the motherland. We need to chat soon. Keep the Yotam Adventures coming!


  2. My dear Yotam
    Shana Tova and Happy Sukkos. I've been thinking of you very often. I sent you a Shana Tova message to the wrong address (yadventure@gmail.com). It never came back to me so someone else is enjoying the blessings which were very much meant for you.
    I made a sukkah on Julia and Aaron's back porch as usual and remembered having a meal there with you and Marjorie.
    I understand you are swamped, but know I love you, and think of you, and hold you strong in my heart.
    Write when you can
    email: helenalips@gmail.com

  3. The symbolism seems so appropriate if the serpent is clever and the Humans are naked, it seems hard to imagine an inversion. But maybe the themes only seem appropriate owing to 2500 years of naked human / clever serpent imagery?

    I was lured here by the shared item on your Facebook. I can glean you're too busy for it now, but someday when you're not, let's have a discussion about whether and perhaps why a absorption in the arbitrary and inscrutable dictum is agreeable to modern humans, compared to willfulness.

    Good luck in your studies.