Monday, February 15, 2010

The whole "third-eye" thing

Hi Friends,

It's 11pm on Monday night. I'm in Nowhere Specific, Florida, and I'll get to the ashram tomorrow evening. I've got a really nasty cold, and I should be asleep right now. Please read gently.

I've got some notes in various places about the conversations I had in Texas and elsewhere. I met my quota, and I also had some wonderful barbecue, picked up an ex-junkie vagabond hitchhiker, and explored New Orleans just before Mardi Gras. I'd love to tell you all about all of that, but I'm not sure what internet access I'll have at the ashram, or what mental availability I'll have for writing about these adventures. We'll have to see what I end up getting up here. Are y'all especially interested in any one part of that?

Ma claimed before that I have a naturally open third eye, and a few people have asked me what that means exactly. I don't entirely know, to be honest, but I want to get a few thoughts about it on the record before my opinion changes tomorrow.

There are unobvious truths about the human capacity for spiritual experiences (or experiences we label 'spiritual') and in Hindu tradition, it is the third eye that guides us through those realms. I think Ma was suggesting that I have a stronger intuitive grasp of those experiences and their hidden truths. I've had a few experiences with her and elsewhere that give me a little idea of what that could mean.

When Ma has activated my third eye before, and on a few other occasions, I've felt a kind of extra level of perception. I feel immersed in something dense  and substantial. It's very spatial, often with a suggestion of size and of directional flows. I've never really been able to understand what's going on with these shapes and flows, but I think that Ma's training will show me a signal in the noise. 

I also, from time to time, feel as though I know exactly what to say about someone. That I see some truth of their being and can give that truth voice, but I can't identify any evidence for it. Usually, it's a story about their path in life, their gifts and obstacles, and it feels as though I'm just presented with this story fully-formed. Usually it happens in their company. In many cases, people have recognized truth in what I saw in them, but unflattering explanations abound. If there is something factive or useful in these 'perceptions,' perhaps Ma can improve my accuracy, precision, and access. 

I try to be empirical about spiritual experiences. So if I meditate for a while, then feel that I have existed for all eternity, or I'm one with the universe, or Jesus hates puppies, it doesn't mean I actually have existed for all eternity, etc., especially inasmuch as that claim would contradict the results of other modes of inquiry. I mustn't confuse my feeling for some kind of fact, but I can call Fact on my ability to access a feeling of such eternity. I believe that such feelings and experiences have a value in life in and of themselves, regardless of their ability to inform us (or not) about reality. I try to make this perspective explicit in how I write about spirituality, but if I trip up, try to read me that way. I may not list the cynical interpretation each time, but bear with me - I'm just reporting how it appears.

I really hope you don't think I'm crazy, and I do still try to make decisions reconcilable with consensus reality. If the experiences I mentioned above are just delusions, or perfectly normal events I've misinterpreted, I hope to find that out and move on. I also don't like the shades of self-aggrandizement in suggesting that I have some ability that others do not. But I've had this experience, and I want to explore it more deeply. Starting tomorrow night, my health permitting, I get to do that.

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  1. I've experienced the feeling of knowing a truth about someone, and it's amazing when it comes, and you've told me a few nuggets of wisdom that inexplicably helped me along the path I've chosen. I'm sure the Yotam that emerges from the ashram in a few months will be just as beautiful, and more brilliant.